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| 6 Feb 2013 | 0

国务院:关于深化收入分配制度改革若干意见的通知 (gov.cn)
Reuters: China unveils major tax reforms to make rich pay more (Guardian)
Xinhua: China to reform income distribution (China Daily)
China Approves Income Plan as Wealth Divide Poses Risks (BloombergBusinessweek)
Liyan Qi, William Kazer: China Tackles Income Divide (Wall Street Journal)

Contemporary China »

| 1 Dec 2010 | 3

China ‘would accept’ Korean reunification:
Sophisticated Chinese officials XXXXXXXXXXXX stood in sharp contrast to Wu [Dawei, Chinese chief delegate at the Six-Party Talks], according to [south Korean vice foreign minister] Chun [Yung-woo]. XXXXXXXXXXXX Chun claimed XXXXXXXXXX believed Korea should be unified under ROK control.XXXXXXXXXXXX, Chun said, were ready to “face the new reality” that the DPRK now had little value to China as a buffer state — a view that since North Korea’s 2006 nuclear test had reportedly gained traction among senior PRC leaders. … Chun argued that, in the event …

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| 28 Oct 2010 | 1

Earlier this month, Wen Jiabao gave a rare interview to CNN:
Interview with Wen Jiabao (video)
Interview with Wen Jiabao (transcript)
And now this article by “Zheng Qingyuan” is “making the rounds”:
沿着正确政治方向积极稳妥推进政治体制改革 (新华/《人民日报》)
Translation: Strive for a brighter future (China Daily)
Western media have picked up on this, too:
Chinese Article Seems to Chide Leader (New York Times; requires registration)
Update (October 31st, 2010):
Yu Jiantuo: Public finance key to reform (China Daily)
Zheng Qingyuan: 以更大决心和勇气推进改革 (《人民日报》)
Translation: Full steam ahead with reform (China Daily)