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The Zhongguo E-list was started by a small group of graduate students in 1998. It exists to bring together academics, intellectuals, activists, and grad students with a critical, political interest in China. People on the list are leftists in a broad, anti-capitalist sense.  Think William Hinton and Wang Hui, not Jonathan Spence or Liu Xiaobo. For a whole host of reasons, not the least of which are the Cold War intellectual formation in the West and the turn to the Right in China, it is rare to find people of the Left with an active intellectual and political interest in China. The purpose of the Z-list, then, is to help bring them together. If you are such a person, do consider subscribing.

It is a low volume list in general, and does not seek to become a high volume one. But it is meant to stimulate discussion, share links and comments and “network” the list members. It has proven to be of real value to many of the people on the list, by their own reckoning. If you are interested in joining and feel like you more or less fit the above criteria, follow this link for information on how to subscribe and to browse the archive:

Z-List Info HERE

Please note though that if you are just looking for more information about China, or if you just care to have a more general political discussion, or want to change China to make it more like Hong Kong or the USA,  then there are many other, more appropriate places for that.

Finally please also note that if you are subbed to the Z-list then you do not need to sub to the “CSG News” service as the latter comes automatically to Z-list people.

One comment on “Zhongguo List

  1. Wilhelm Reichmann on said:

    Thank You for putting me on the mailing list though I cant prove my socialist credentials

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