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CSG sends out daily emails of recent news items and blog posts at around 5 AM EST. To add your email to our list, enter it in the form below.

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2 comments on “CSG Updates

  1. claudia pozzana on said:

    I will really appreciate to receive again CSG as I consider your work precious for anyone who cares about China’s future as fundamental for Asia and world future.
    I look forward to receive your new index.
    Thank you. Best Claudia

  2. steve on said:

    Thanks. I am living in China sort of unexpectedly in an unplanned and unpremeditated way. It is hard to figure out what is going on here, particularly since the extent of my chinese is ni hao. I will be here for at least a year, living in a provincial city working in the local economy. As an activist back home, I paid little attention to what was going on in China, mainly I have been preoccupied with social struggles that directly effect me and my former community. Now I am here in China and have much catching up to do. The political context is like everything else here, water is served hot but I am used to cold, etc.Thanks for this website that provides useful information for ex pats like me!

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