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| 12 Mar 2010 | 0

This is a video of a discussion on China, Japan and the U.S. in the contemporary moment of crisis, which took place in Toronto on Feb. 5, 2010. Participants include: Leo Pantich, R. Taggart Murphy, Ho-fung Hung, Johanna Brenner, and Sam Gindin.

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| 8 Mar 2010 | 10

Three left critiques of the recent liberal call (by 13 newspapers on March 1) to reform the hukou system, and my brief comments on the debate.

Update: A friend volunteered to translate something representative of Chinese left perspectives on this issue. We’re still trying to decide on an appropriate article. One existing English text is “The Hukou System and China’s Rural Development” by Han Dongping, published in The Journal of Developing Areas no. 33 (Spring 1999).

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Lang Yan | 27 Nov 2009 | 0

The important Taiwanese journal “Critique and Transformation (批判與再造)” now has a highly recommended website/e-zine.

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Lang Yan | 21 Nov 2009 | 2
One divides into two, or two fuse into one

The New Legalists have responded to my critical post on their nationalization of capitalist antagonism. They counter my argument by stating that they “neither fail to see the mutual accommodation and complementarity between Chinese and Western thought nor ignore class divisions in China and the West in the past or at present.” The problem, as I pointed out in my last post, is that when talking about national differences the New Legalists stress dichotomy, and when talking about class differences they stress harmony.

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汪晖 | 24 Oct 2009 | 0