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| 29 Sep 2012 | 0

US 'pivots' on the Philippines | Asia Times http://t.co/HrXaYNUi #
News Analysis: China Alters Its Strategy in Dispute With Japan | New York Times http://t.co/FJOtDZKI #
Chinese Company Ordered to Give Up Stake in Wind Farms Near Navy Base | New York Times http://t.co/P4ZcsD3U #
Chinese Scientist Finds No Evidence of Cyanide Poisoning in Gu Kailai Trial Testimony | New York Times http://t.co/YotLtg4k #
Bo Xilai to go on trial over alleged link with Neil Heywood murder | The Guardian http://t.co/lVRA7Qfz #

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| 27 Sep 2012 | 0

China's Real Rival | Caixin Online http://t.co/yAZ5jy39 #
Michael Klare on China's resource hunger | Le Monde diplomatique http://t.co/n8eDfb5o #
Fiction and Fact: Chinese Land Grabs in Africa | China in Africa: The Real Story http://t.co/vhAfAfRC #
The Risk of Nuclear War with China | All Things Nuclear http://t.co/AbGR8V09 #
After the dust has settled: Foxconn workers talk about the riot | China Labour Bulletin http://t.co/e7SvA76J #
China’s Politics Hinder Effort to Shore Up Economy | New York Times http://t.co/chmoLpY5 #
U.S.: Public More Concerned About Rising China Than Elites | IPS http://t.co/WLtHl5vA #
China’s Rebalancing Act …

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| 18 Sep 2012 | 0

U.S. and Japan Agree on Missile Defense System | New York Times http://t.co/hFKQJB3G #
Rage at an elite that has stolen China's soul | Chun Lin | The Guardian http://t.co/WGcKgxUg #
China and Japan: a dangerous standoff over the Senkaku islands | Simon Tisdall | The Guardian http://t.co/0h1JZSLt #
A Marxist History of the World part 93: Maoist China | Counterfire http://t.co/oYvS6Rnm #
Anti-Osprey Rally in Okinawa | Japan Focus http://t.co/VmecgiDK #
U.S. Files Trade Case Against China Over Cars | New York Times http://t.co/fDK4DJ4R #
China struggles to cure the violent ills of health system …

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| 16 Sep 2012 | 0

Drawing Lines in the Water | M. Taylor Fravel http://t.co/GKkvWghd #
Xi Jinping Returns Amid Tumult in China | New York Times http://t.co/VhiR2NWH #
China’s resource procurement: not just a zero sum game | East Asia Forum http://t.co/5xQerHWS #
Watch: Saturday's protests outside the Japanese Embassy in Beijing | Shanghaiist http://t.co/Iz8grAiL #
In Photos: China's anti-Japan fury | Shanghaiist http://t.co/7T9lo740 #
E.U. Prepares to Investigate Chinese Dumping of Solar Panels | International Herald Tribune http://t.co/m1XwPFNM #
Why China Will Never Have a Wall Street - By Carl Walter and Fraser Howie | Foreign Policy http://t.co/wq1aYYFc #

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| 15 Sep 2012 | 0

Job inheritance breeds seeds of social instability | Global Times http://t.co/lMMgipWy #
Wealth is poor predictor of green values | China Dialogue http://t.co/mSmQtijt #
Death and Property Taxes: Chongqing Mayor’s Annus Horribilis | WSJ: China Real Time http://t.co/37eSu0hK #
Rising Tension - and Stakes - in Japan-China Island Dispute | New York Times http://t.co/lAhOoHqQ #
Philippines on frontline of US-China rivalry | Asia Times http://t.co/jm8PWY4I #
The secretive world of the Communist Party | Le Monde diplomatique http://t.co/u4r8SJSg #
Some old Maoists feel like dissidents in modern China | Washington Post http://t.co/XCKbOG7y #
Pankaj Mishra on Chinese …