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Husunzi, Rural China »

| 6 Mar 2010 | 0

Overview of four Chinese articles on climate change and rural development, by Dale Wen and Dan Ran. Announcement about an International Workshop on Sustainable Food & Agriculture in Beijing, March 12-15.

Husunzi, Rural China »

| 28 Dec 2009 | 3
Alternative food networks in China, part III: an interview, & more on Chengdu

Third installment of my series on alternative food networks and experiments with urban-rural relations in China, pointing out an interview and two reports, and introducing three more projects in Chengdu.

Husunzi, Rural China »

| 1 Dec 2009 | 3
Symposium: 10 Years of New Rural Reconstruction

The Liang Shuming Center for Rural Reconstruction has just announced that this Saturday (December 5, 2009), the Rural Reconstruction Center of Renmin University will host a public symposium to reflect on the past ten years of New Rural Reconstruction efforts by student volunteers, social workers, academics, and grassroots activists. The occasion will also mark the fifth anniversary of the founding of the Liang Shuming Center, which has become a national center of this movement. Below I translate the schedule and a brief overview of the movement’s history.

Husunzi, Rural China »

| 30 Oct 2009 | 3
more alternative food networks in China: Guangxi, Guizhou, and Guangzhou

Follow-up to my post on experiments with community-supported agriculture in China: more projects in Guangxi, Guangzhou, and Guizhou, forthcoming reports on the one in Chengdu, and a master’s thesis on several of these.

Husunzi, Rural China »

| 16 Oct 2009 | 11
“alternative food networks” in China

Illustrated overview of three experiments with “community-supported agriculture” in Beijing, Chengdu, and Guiyang, which could be understood as part of the broader New Rural Reconstruction movement.