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| 17 Dec 2011 | 7
Wukan! Wukan!

Reposted from Rekolektiv:

Reports from Wukan, Guangdong, the Chinese village in revolt against local government have generated more shocked gasps from the Anglophone media than in-depth reporting, resulting in a general paucity of information, let alone insightful analysis. But thanks to a 52-minute homemade video about the protest and one other report online at iSun Affairs we’re getting a little more detail. The following is a rudimentary translation of the timeline of events provided at the iSun report. I welcome any advice on the translation:

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| 27 Oct 2010 | 0
The map of blood houses

The China Daily today reports about a map of ‘blood houses’ now online at google maps. Deaths, self-immolations and protests related to forced relocations are pictured on the maps in colorful icons.

There are nearly 100 events depicted on the map as of now, but jj expects that number to exponentially increase in the next few days as more people find out about the map. My reasoning? There are only a few tagged events in the second-tier city that jj now lives in, but I’ve read about well over a dozen violent demolition-related events here over the past 10 months.

It’s notable that the map only includes events that have been reported or verified in the media. And more notable that the maps is being widely reported in the Chinese and English language official media. It even made the editorial page of the local daily fishrag, including this joke…

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| 22 Aug 2010 | 2
explosion in Kunming

Sometime around 11am on August 20 in Liangjiahe, Kunming, a liquefied natural gas canister exploded, injuring ten people, four of them severely. The explosion was an accident, but only slightly. The woman who set if off didn’t want it to explode, just to hiss loudly and scare off the people coming up the stairs. They were coming to drag her family out of the house so it could be demolished. The house was virtually under siege, surrounded by construction workers with demolition equipment, people from the re-development office, government employees, and last but not least, residents who had already sold their houses to the developer.

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| 9 Jul 2009 | 1
choi yuen village anti-eviction struggle (菜园村反拆迁运动)

Choi Yuen village in Shek Kong, New Territories, Hong Kong, is scheduled for demolition to make way for a new rail line from Guangzhou to HK. Over 100 villagers, with support from several HK students and activists, have been petitioning the government to change the course of the rail line to run through any of three uninhabited neighboring areas. The petition collected 14,000 signatures, but the government has still refused to meet with the villagers or consider their demands.

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Kathy Le Mons Walker | 16 Jun 2008 | 0

From the special double issue of Journal of Agrarian Change on “Transnational Agrarian Movements,” vol. 8 nos. 2-3 (April 2008), pp. 462-488.
This contribution spotlights overt collective action as the form of everyday peasant politics in post-socialist China. It first considers the interlinking in the post-socialist period of global neoliberal capitalism and internal (so-called) primitive accumulation by corrupt officials and eager entrepreneurs. Against this background it examines the collective protests of the last 20 years, focusing first on the issue of corrupt local power and then on land seizures. It argues …