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Lang Yan | 28 Dec 2010 | 0
China Strikes: Mapping labor unrest across China

China Strikes is a great new site that maps labor unrest across China. It is easy to add strike reports to the map, and anyone can do that.
About This Site:

The purpose of this site is to track strikes, protests and other collective actions by Chinese workers to defend their rights and interests. We hope that over time the site will serve as a resource to those wishing to better understand and support the labor movement in China.
The categories we use for strikes are based on the type of …

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Lang Yan | 21 Oct 2010 | 10
NLR Debate on Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics

Joel Andreas reviews Huang Yasheng’s Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics in the latest New Left Review, which also contains a response from Huang.

Andreas: “Huang’s diagnosis of the maladies afflicting rural China is clearly informed by one of the foundational myths of neo-classical economics—the ideal of competitive capitalism. Free competition, it is assumed, creates a level playing field on which small entrepreneurs naturally flourish. If small entrepreneurs are squeezed out, it must be the fault of the state, which tips the playing field to the advantage of favoured players. The reality is quite different. Market competition intrinsically centralizes property without the need for state intervention. Winners squeeze out losers, amass capital, capture market share and block new entrants. The state often facilitates this process by favouring the winners, but it can also inhibit it by protecting the weaker players. Over the last two centuries, peasants and small rural entrepreneurs have been the main losers as capitalism has swept across the globe.”

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Li Minqi | 19 Aug 2010 | 2
A video discussion with Li Minqi on recent Chinese strikes

The Real News Network interviews Li Minqi about Chinese workers’ strikes and the changing political economy of China.

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Chinese Workers Research Network | 30 Jun 2010 | 0
A Call on All-China Federation of Trade Unions to Speak and Act for Workers

The Honda workers in Foshan Guangdong could not stand the exploitation and oppression by foreign capital and waged a strike for a number of days in order to increase their wages and improve conditions for union organizing. This struggle demonstrates the heightened rights consciousness of “the new generation of migrant workers” and is a milestone in the history of worker struggles. But their struggle was waged under very difficult conditions.

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Lang Yan | 9 Jun 2010 | 13
Some thoughts on Foxconn and the Honda strike

Within public discussion, the Honda wildcat strike has transformed the meaning of the Foxconn suicides. Are we witnessing a fundamental change in the Chinese economy and its labor regime? Are we witnessing a new labor militancy?