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Open Letter of Thanks from Worker Representatives of Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

by Elected Workers’ Representatives | 7 June 2010 | No Comment | Last modified: 9 Jun 2:06 pm

Open Letter of Thanks from Worker Representatives of Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


For the protection of workers’ rights and the right to democratic election of worker representatives, the workers of Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd has stopped work for nearly half a month. During the stoppage of work, we received support from both the domestic and international communities. The support has given tremendous boost in the morale of the workers’ struggle!

At 3pm on 4 June, the management and the worker representatives had formal negotiation. In the presence of Mr. Zeng Qinghong, member of the National People’s Congress (Deputy Director and General Manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd.) and Mr. Chang Kai (Director of the School of Labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China), both sides reached consensus in the negotiation of workers’ wages.

The labour disputes have brought great damages to both the management and the workers. It is our wish therefore to build an effective communication platform as the next phase of work. On the worker side, we hope to achieve democratic election of trade union representatives and the establishment of a collective negotiation mechanism to ensure protection of the interests of both the management and workers. Only with a real and effective communication platform between the two sides can further disputes be prevented and harmonious labour-management relation established.

On behalf of all the production line workers, the negotiation delegation would like to express our truest and most sincere gratitude to all the people who have shown their concern and given their support to us in the domestic and the international communities. Without your support and encouragement, our strength was limited and our demands would not have gained attention and resolution.

To many people who have conveyed their apprehension about us, we would like to assure you that we will act according to the law and regulations for what is entitled to us in a reasonable manner. We strongly believe that through adequate communication and mutual trust, we will be able to resolve disputes and establish good cooperative relation with the management in the future.

Elected Workers’ Representatives
Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Nanhai District, Foshan City
7 June 2010



劳资双方在6月4日下午3时正式展开谈判,在全国人大代表(广汽集团副董事长兼总经理)曾庆洪和中国人民大学劳动关系研究所所长、劳动人事学院常凯教授及各方相关人员的见证下, 劳资双方在工资协商方面已经达到共识。






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