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China Left Review Launched

China Study Group is pleased to announce the launch of the bilingual web-journal China Left Review. Our purpose is to stimulate discussion and collaboration between left-leaning scholars and activists in Chinese and English-speaking worlds. We seek to do this by compiling, translating, and commenting on a variety of works related to controversial and pressing social issues. Our focus is on China, including both the struggles of China's subordinated classes in today's capitalist context, as well as the lessons, positive and negative, that yesterday's socialist experiments provide for those struggles. But we hope also to explore how such struggles and lessons relate to the struggles of people everywhere oppressed by capitalism, patriarchy, and racism, and to contribute to the global circulation of struggles toward building a more just, sustainable, and inclusive world.

We hope eventually to publish several issues a year full of original contributions in both Chinese and English, and translations or summaries of all contents in both languages. At this point, however, we are running almost entirely on uncompensated labor done when most of us should be sleeping or working for capital. As we grow, these stolen moments may add up to a proper voluntary workforce, but for now, we are limiting our goal to two issues per year, each with a few original contributions and translations, and introductory overviews in both English and Chinese.

Works originally published here are common property. You are welcome to use and circulate this material for non-profit purposes, but please indicate that it was originally published by China Left Review.

If you would like to submit a Chinese or English article, essay, story, poem, or picture for publication, or if you would like to help us by translating or working on the website, please contact us at [email protected].

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China studies

Crisis in China

gongchao | 21 mar

Analysis of economic crisis in China, translated from new German project Gongchao

Faces of Migration

wildcat | 12 jan

Overview of the situation of migrant workers & their struggles over the past few years.

China since 1978

Reddy, ed. | 7 jan

Special issue of EPW on postsocialist capitalism in China, featuring articles by Ching Kwan Lee & Selden, Riskin, Bramall, Wang Shaoguang, Weil, Pun Ngai, Li Minqi, Dale Wen, Dic Lo & Yu Zhang


Rural Studies

Seniors' organizations in China's new rural reconstruction: experiments in Hubei and Henan

Wang Ximing | 25 mar

Report on New Rural Reconstruction experiments with elderly people's associations in villages in Hubei & Henan, with introduction on NRR in relation to the "new socialist countryside" campaign & the rise of "the three rural issues."

Beyond the Peasant International

wildcat | 12 jan

Analysis of the situation of "peasants," agro workers & migrant workers in relation to global capitalism today in comparison with earlier turning points; "semi-proletarianization" as dominant trend; assessment of new transnational agrarian movements as "second front line"

The Central China School of Rural Studies

Day & Hale, eds. | 30 dec 

Journal issue introducing an important new school of multidisciplinary rural studies & social experimentation based in Wuhan, affiliated with the Chinese New Left & the New Rural Reconstruction current


int'l observer

Current crisis regime and impact on class struggle in India

Gurgaon Workers News | 15 feb

Class analysis of unfolding economic crisis in India, historical background & prospects

Breakdown of a relationship? Reflections on the crisis

Endnotes | 12 jan

Comparison of present financial crisis with previous crises & its significance for the relation between capital & labor



A reckoning of global shifts in political and economic relations, with China emerging as new workshop of the world and US power, rationally applied elsewhere, skewed by Israeli interests in the Middle East. Oppositions to it gauged, along with theoretical visions that offer exits from the perpetual free-market present.


current affairs

Taxi Drivers Strike and Want To Set Up Their Own Associations

CLNT | 12 jan

Translation of two Chinese articles on the recent taxi driver strikes in Sanya & Chongqing

Tibetan Questions

Tsering Shakya | 17 jul 

The leading historian of modern Tibet discusses the background to recent protests on the Plateau.

Protests in Tibet and Separatism: the Olympics and Beyond

Barry Sautman | 20 mar 

Letter submitted to South China Morning Post


theoretical trends


齐泽克, 蒯乐昊 | 07/20



csg articles

City of Youth

Robert Weil | 7 nov 07

The Cultural Revolution After the “Cultural Turn”

Arif Dirlik | 23 may 07

The radical cultural project that the Cultural Revolution placed on the global agenda four decades ago is as urgent in our day as it was then. It also affords a perspective from which to view the present critically.



series on "patterns of rural governance" published
The central China school of rural studies (华中乡土派) recently completed a series of 16 books ...
husunzi | 27 mar
attacking the police
Update 2 (July 20): incident #5: Yesterday in Menglian, Yunnan, somewhere between 400 and "over 1,00...
husunzi | 14 jul 
China Left Review Launched
admin blog | 19 may 
aufheben & walker on class conflict in urban & rural China
The 2008 issue of Aufheben (#16) is out in its print edition. ...
husunzi | 12 may 


news updates

Be lenient with shoe-thrower, says Chinese premier
The Guardian | 9 feb

Growing opposition to China's 'black jails'
International Herald Tribune | 9 feb

RIGHTS-CHINA: Path to Modernisation Disastrous - Charter 08
IPS | 9 feb

China's migrant workers face bleak outlook
Financial Times | 8 feb

Beijing fights drought as wheat fears rise
Financial Times | 8 feb

Kevin Gallagher: China is a model for recharging the US economy
The Guardian | 6 feb

Hooray! China has bottomed out.
Asia EconoMonitor | 5 feb

Mao Yushi: I'm an Optimist
Economic Observer | 3 feb

From east to west, a chain collapses
China Dialogue | 2 feb

Cleaning up Chinese agriculture
China Dialogue | 29 jan

News Analysis: China Jittery About Obama Amid Signs of Harder Line
New York Times | 24 jan

Now Hip-Hop, Too, Is Made in China
New York Times | 24 jan

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