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Current crisis regime and impact on class struggle in India

February 15 7:15 am | by Gurgaon Workers News

Class analysis of unfolding economic crisis in India, historical background & prospects

Breakdown of a relationship? Reflections on the crisis

January 12 1:57 am | by Endnotes

Comparison of present financial crisis with previous crises & its significance for the relation between capital & labor


January 18 7:46 am | by PERRY ANDERSON

A reckoning of global shifts in political and economic relations, with China emerging as new workshop of the world and US power, rationally applied elsewhere, skewed by Israeli interests in the Middle East. Oppositions to it gauged, along with theoretical visions that offer exits from the perpetual free-market present.

Living in a Bubble: Credit, Debt and Crisis

January 11 12:48 am | by Josephine Slater, et al.

Tracing the impact of financialised and looted social existence from the micropolitics of student debt and lifelong labour, via the reign of fictitious capital, to the geopolitics of US militarism and reactionary anti-imperialism, this issue asks us to reimagine crisis as a political question with an open outcome

The Asian Sixties

July 30 12:58 pm | by Christopher Connery, et al.

This collection grew out of a double-panel session at the Centennial Conference on “Asian Horizons: Cities, States and Societies” sponsored by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Asia Research Institute at the National University of Singapore, held in Singapore in early August 2005.

Take the revolutionary road

July 11 8:29 am | by Michael Hardt

The US has been the world's principal anti-revolutionary force for almost a century. As Thomas Jefferson would have said, it's time to rebel.


July 10 10:56 pm | by 约瑟夫•斯蒂格利茨 





July 6 6:34 am | by 文佳筠

本文原文发表于美国进步杂志(Yes! For a Positive Future) 2006年夏季刊. 英文原文可见于 后中文编译后部分发表于2006年第九期.


全球化国际论坛 文佳筠

石油产量峰值[1](peak oil)的到来是勿庸置疑的事,这只是一个时间的问题。我们所熟知的全球粮食供应体系极度依赖于廉价的能源与长距离的运输——美国所消�...

佩里• 安德森俄国访谈

July 2 2:14 am | by 淇奥评论

佩里• 安德森俄国访谈

淇奥评论 第一期

一个幻影的未来 : 佩里• 安德森访谈录原载俄国《生意人报》( Kommersant) 2006年 10月 31日海裔(洛杉矶)转译自英文版

在共产主义崩溃二十年之后,左翼意识形态既没有丧失其现实性,也没有丧失掉其政治前景——佩里• 安德森(Perry Anderson)如是说。这位当代西方马克思主义学者,美国加州大学洛杉矶分校( UCLA)教授,《新左派评论》编辑,作为"俄国辩论"计划者的参与者来到莫斯科...

Women’s Strike:Women’s Unwaged Caring Work

April 26 11:12 pm | by Cory Fischer-Hoffman

Women's Strike

Women's Unwaged Caring Work

By Cory Fischer-Hoffman

A delegation of 70 women from the Global Women's Strike, an organization formed to win economic and social recognition for unwaged caring work, stood together in the community of La Padera, Venezuela, awaiting news. Global Women's Strike member Juanita Romero explained that President Hugo Chávez had just announced what we had all been waiting for: implementation of Article 88 of Venezuela's Bolivarian Constitution.

Article 88 in the Bolivarian Constitution declares: "The State guarantees e...

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