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About Us

China Study Group is a New York based non-profit organization formed in 1995 to facilitate networking of scholars/activists, and promote dissemination of info and research works, with a view to providing alternative perspectives and assessments on issues pertaining to China - both its revolutionary past and today's China in the context of globalization. Members of the CSG support the broad goals of the Chinese revolution that triumphed in 1949, and seek to stimulate knowledge and debate regarding its achievements and limitations, as well as to offer a critical perspective of the radical changes that have occurred in China over the past 25 years and an ongoing analysis of its role in the world today.

To this end, since its founding in 1995, the CSG has regularly organized public forums/conferences, its past activities including sponsoring panel discussions at the annual Socialists Scholars' Conference in NYC, co-sponsoring with Monthly Review a two-day symposium, entitled, "Cultural Revolution Revisited", and co-sponsoring with Monthly Review and the East Asian Institute of Columbia University, a day-long conference, entitled Understanding China's Revolution: A Celebration Of The Lifework of William Hinton. CSG has also been circulating manuscripts and papers it has received among its associates, with one manuscript published in book form, entitled Manufacturing History: Sex, Lies and Random House's Memoirs of Mao's Physician. In addition to continuing the above-mentioned areas of work, CSG has decided to begin the dissemination of information and research works via the internet by starting our own website:


With the launching of this website, CSG seeks to promote info/research interests in major issues which are crucial for the current struggles over China's future, and, in particular, those pertaining to the following interrelated areas:

CSG remains convinced that by providing a forum for alternative perspectives, it will not only contribute to greater transparency and democracy, and better understanding of China's past and current developments, but also help lend credence to the belief that another world is possible.

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