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Crisis in China

March 21 5:20 pm | by gongchao

Analysis of economic crisis in China, translated from new German project Gongchao

Faces of Migration

January 12 12:39 am | by wildcat

Overview of the situation of migrant workers & their struggles over the past few years.

China since 1978

January 7 2:09 am | by Reddy, ed.

Special issue of EPW on postsocialist capitalism in China, featuring articles by Ching Kwan Lee & Selden, Riskin, Bramall, Wang Shaoguang, Weil, Pun Ngai, Li Minqi, Dale Wen, Dic Lo & Yu Zhang

New Masters, New Servants: Migration, Development, and Women Workers in China

December 23 1:20 pm | by Hairong Yan

Ethnographic study of young women from rural Anhui who work in Beijing as domestics, "the best book to date on migrant labor, gendered domestic labor, and capitalist transformation in China"

Changing Colours in China

December 23 12:43 pm | by Joel Andreas

Reflecting on Giovanni Arrighi’s Adam Smith in Beijing, Joel Andreas traces the path of property relations, social services and income distribution in the PRC since the late seventies, reaching unambiguous conclusions.

Inquiring after theory in China

July 7 3:03 pm | by Arif Dirlik, et al.

Summer 2008 issue of boundary 2 w/ intro by Dirlik & contributions by Wang Shaoguang, Alex Day, Pun Ngai, Han Shaogong, and Wang Hui, among others

Restructuring and the Historical Fate of China's Working Class

July 7 2:05 pm | by Wang Hui

Influential literary historian Wang Hui's first investigation into the struggles of the Chinese working class against neoliberal restructuring and dispossession, in his home town of Yangzhou

Class conflicts in the transformation of China

May 11 3:19 pm | by Aufheben

examines 3 areas where class conflicts have arisen as a result of China's integration as a distinct epicentre in the US-centred world accumulation of capital

Were Revolutions in China Necessary?

March 27 7:57 pm | by Robert Weil

Is socialist revolution necessary? Under what conditions? How far should it go? If the revolution is “defeated,” was it still worth undertaking? And finally, who gets to decide these questions, and write the history of revolutionary change?

THE BATTLE FOR CHINA'S PAST: Mao and the Cultural Revolution

March 7 6:11 am | by Gao Mobo

Important new book published by Pluto Press: THE BATTLE FOR CHINA'S PAST: Mao and the Cultural Revolution by Mobo Gao.

"A powerful mixture of political passion and original research, a brave polemic against the fashionable view on China. ... Aims a knockout blow at Jung Chang’s recent book on Mao, which Bush and the conservatives rave-reviewed." Gregor Benton, Professor of Chinese History, University of Cardiff

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