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China Strikes: Mapping labor unrest across China

by Lang Yan | 28 December 2010 | No Comment | Last modified: 10 Jan 5:20 am

China Strikes is a great new site that maps labor unrest across China. It is easy to add strike reports to the map, and anyone can do that.


About This Site:

The purpose of this site is to track strikes, protests and other collective actions by Chinese workers to defend their rights and interests. We hope that over time the site will serve as a resource to those wishing to better understand and support the labor movement in China.

The categories we use for strikes are based on the type of work done by the striking workers—factory work, retail work, etc—and are somewhat crude. We will continously refine the categories as reports come in.

We are alternating between grouping strikes by region and placing a separate dot on the map for each strike. When they are grouped by region, to read the reports for a particular region, e.g. the Pearl River Delta, click on the red circle over that region. The number in the circle says how many reports are available.

Reports are “verified” when they a) come from a reliable source, such as an NGO that has produced many accurate reports or a major Chinese or foreign news outlet or b) when we can find more than one report of an incident.

For the site to be a useful resource, it needs to be as accurate as possible. Therefore, we hope that readers will submit a report whener they hear of a strike or protest. The process is easy—just fill in the fields on the site’s form (accessible via the “Submit a Report” button). You can also send messages on strikes by SMS. There is no need to leave your name.

If possible, the reports should include a news link and the exact location where the event happened. Also, please be careful to hit the “Modify Date” button on the submission form so that you can include the actual date on which the event occurred (not the date when the report was submitted, which is the default).

We appreciate any advice on how the site can be improved.


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